Curbside Pickup: Instructions, Information, and More

Curbside Pickup is sponsored by the Friends of the Lake Bluff Public Library.

What is Curbside Pickup and how doesit work?
In short: you put items on hold, we’ll contact you to schedule an appointment, and you’ll pick up your items at a designated pickup point outside the Library. More detailed instructions can be found on our Curbside Pickup page.

I have items checked out from before you closed—can I return them?
We are accepting returns on a limited basis. Take a look at our returns announcement for more information.

I heard you’re offering autorenewal now—is that true?
It is! Take a look at our autorenewal announcement for more information on this change.

Is there anything that I need to do to prepare for this service?
We’re glad you asked—we have a Getting Ready for Curbside Checklist on our Curbside Pickup page that tells you all of that.

I am very excited about this—when can I book my pickup appointment?
We are glad you are excited about Curbside Pickup, but please do not schedule a pickup appointment until you receive confirmation that at least one of your items has been pulled.

What safety measures will you be implementing? How do I book an appointment when my item has been pulled? Can I pick up my books and my kids’ books in the same pickup time?
We have answers to all of these questions and more on our Curbside Pickup page.

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Curbside Pickup, sponsored by the Friends of the Lake Bluff Library.