Meeting Rooms

The Library welcomes the use of its meeting room for civic, cultural, educational or recreational purposes. The Library’s Spruth Room is used primarily for Library meetings and programs, but may be used by local non-profit organizations for the above-specified purposes that are open to the public, and are free of charge. The Spruth Room is available on equal terms to all groups in the community regardless of beliefs and affiliations of the individuals or groups requesting use. Use of the Spruth Room does not imply endorsement by the Library of the views expressed by users of the meeting areas. Fees will not be charged for meetings held in the Library.


Reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis, within a time window designated by the Director. Meetings will be scheduled according to the following priorities within the first-come, first-served overlay: A. Library and Library-related meetings or programs B. Vliet Center meetings or programs C. Lake Bluff Village government meetings D. Other government meetings of local interest E. Non-profit organizations related to local civic, cultural, educational, or recreational interests. All requests to use the Spruth Room must be made in advance by a Lake Bluff resident or Village employee who assumes responsibility for the group’s compliance with these policies and procedures

Any group using the Spruth Room will fill out an application with the following information to be returned to the front desk:

  1. Name of organization and date requested
  2. Contact person (Lake Bluff Resident)
  3. Contact information to include address (in incorporated area of Lake Bluff), telephone (daytime or cell), telephone (evening, if different), e-mail address.
  4. Time room is to be used (Start Time to include set-up, Finish Time to include clean up)
  5. Audio-visual equipment to be used, if any. [Note: Audiovisual equipment owned by the library and requested for use during the program must be specified and approved by the library in advance.]
  6. Wording of consent form, such as “I have read the Library’s general and meeting room policies and agree to abide by the terms stated. I am an adult 18+ years of age who resides in the incorporated area of Lake Bluff, Illinois.”
  7. Signature and printed name of applicant
    Note: The room is officially booked when the Library staff confirms a reservation.