Red triangle sign with exclamation point Passport Services are currently unavailable at the Library. The State Department has limited passport operations  due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is advising people to apply when normal operations have resumed. If you have a life-or-death emergency and need a passport to travel immediately, please visit the State Department's COVID-19 Update page for information on applying for a passport.

The Library is a designated Passport Acceptance Facility. Learn about our passport services below.

What Do I Need to Apply?

General Requirements

  • All applicants must appear in person at the Library in order to apply for a passport.
  • Minor applicants under the age of 16 must have both parents present OR present appropriate documentation demonstrating parental permission from the non-appearing parents.
  • Applications - Print copies of Form DS-11 are available at the Library. You can also print out a copy from the US Department of State's website and fill it out prior to your appointment. If you print out this form at home, please be sure to print a single-sided copy and do not sign the application until you are instructed to do so by an agent.
  • Identification - Applicants and parents of applicants under age 16 must have a valid photo ID.
  • Evidence of US citizenship - Applicants must present an original or certified copy of evidence of US Citizenship.
  • Passport Photo - The Library does not provide Passport Photo Services, but many businesses in the area do, such as Costco and Walgreens.
  • Fees - You will need to bring two valid forms of payment--a check or certified money order made payable to the Department of State for your application fee and cash or a check made payable to the Lake Bluff Library for the application execution fee. Visit the the Department of State's website for a current schedule of fees.
  • Questions? Visit the US Department of State's website for more detailed information about passport applications, including acceptable documents, or contact the Library.

Passport Renewals

  • If you are renewing your passport, you may want to check if you are eligible to use Form DS-82, which allows you to renew by mail and does not require a trip to a Passport Acceptance Facility. You can find a copy of DS-82 on the US Department of State's website. Review the checklist on the first page and see if you are eligible. If you are eligible, that's great! Follow the instructions and mail in your application. You do not need to come to the Library to submit your application.


We currently have 4 staff members who are passport agents. We generally have appointments available at the following times:

  • Mondays 10 am to 6 pm
  • Tuesdays 10 am to 9 pm
  • Wednesdays 10 am to 9 pm
  • Thursdays 10 am to 9 pm
  • Fridays 10 am to 6 pm
  • Saturdays - We do not have an agent regularly scheduled for Saturdays; however, we sometimes have agents available for 11:30 am appointments on the third Saturday of the month.

If you need an appointment in less than 3 days, please call the Library to inquire about availability. To request an appointment with a passport agent, please fill out our online form or call or visit the Library.


At present, we have 4 staff members who are Passport Agents. To guarantee that we have a passport agent available to help you, we strongly recommend making an appointment. We will try to accommodate walk-ins as our staff schedule permits, but making an appointment is the best way to ensure that we will be able to assist you.