A message from the Friends of the Library

Dear Friend,

What an exciting year we’ve had at Lake Bluff Library! We hope you were able to make it to one of our phenomenal programs or stop by and see some of the contributions of the Friends of the Lake Bluff Library!

You are part of an incredibly strong community that works together to provide philanthropic support for special projects, programs and building needs as they arise and further allows us to continue to improve our library. The library is a gem in our community, and we are grateful for your generosity.

This year, through your support, we installed a fireplace for the Stroh Reading Room which was opened in June. We also were able to supply new technology including a projector, media cart, portable speaker, and laptops that are used across all programming at the library. It was also exciting to be able to support the participation of the Library in the Lake Bluff Fourth of July Parade. Most recently, we approved funding for new furniture for both the first and second floors. The list seems to go on and on!

As you can see, through the philanthropic support of our community, the breadth and depth which you can support is vast. And we simply cannot do the work we do without you.

We hope you’ll take a moment to support us today by making a philanthropic gift to the Friends. Additionally, don’t forget to check if your company matches gifts.

Thank you for your consideration!
Friends of the Lake Bluff Library Board

P.S. Lake Bluff Public Library received a prestigious honor and national recognition as one of the country’s Star Libraries in the 2022 Library Journal Index of Public Library Service. With your help, we can keep our Star Library shining!

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