Computers and Technology

Public computers are available for use in both the adult and youth services departments. Patrons who use library-owned computers and other equipment are required to comply with the Library's Computer Use Policy.

Adult Computer Lab

Computers in the adult computer lab are available by signup or reservation from the time the library opens until 15 minutes prior to closing. If you have a library card registered in our system, you can use your card to log in; if you do not have a card, ask at the front desk for a guest pass. Each login session lasts up to a maximum of 120 minutes. At the end of a session, if there are no other patrons waiting to use the computers, the system may grant additional time up to a maximum of 240 total minutes per person per day. Session time may be adjusted at the discretion of the library staff.

To protect our hardware and maintain the security of our network, users may not download or save files to the computer's hard drive. If you would like to download or save documents, you will need to bring a flash drive. Flash drives are also available for sale at the front desk. Please see our Fines and Fees page for more information.

Please use headphones while listening to audio on any of the adult computers. Patrons can provide their own headphones or purchase a pair of earbuds from the front desk. Please see our Fines and Fees page for more information.

Children's Computers

The children's department has several computers with Internet access. These computers are reserved for use by children and their caregivers; adults may not use the children's department computers unless given special permission by the library director or designee. These computers are available on a first come, first served basis. In addition to computers with Internet access, the children's department offers Launchpads for checkout and in-house use. These tablets are preloaded with a  variety of educational games geared toward preschool and early elementary-age children. 


Software use is limited to programs provided by the library. The following programs are available for use on most public computers:

  • Internet Browser
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Publisher

Wireless Internet

The Library offers free wireless Internet access for WiFi-enabled devices used in the library. Use of the Library's WiFi requires acceptance of the Use of Library-Provided Wireless Network policy, which can be found on page two of our Computer Use Policy.

Printing and Copying

A combination printer and copier is available for public use. You can print/copy in black and white or color. For information on fees for copying and printing, please see our Fines and Fees page for more information.


A scanner is available for public use. There is no charge for scanning. Please note that you will need a flash drive in order to scan documents. You may bring your own or purchase one from the front desk (for more information, please see our Fines and Fees page).


The Library offers faxing services. Please note that we are only able to send faxes, but cannot receive faxes on behalf of patrons. If you would like to send a fax, you will need to fill out our fax coversheet. Please visit our Fines and Fees page for more information on faxing fees.