What You Need to Know

  • Live Trivia on Zoom
    • Registration is required for this event. Upon registration, the system will send you an email with the link to the Zoom meeting.
    • Please designate one person to register your entire team, rather than having your team members register individually.
    • If you are registering your team, input the total number of people on your team (including yourself!) when you are prompted to input the total number of people attending at the start of registration.
    • For the event itself, we will be reading the questions on Zoom and taking answers through Crowdpurr.
    • You may want to use one device for inputting answers on Crowdpurr and a different device to run the Zoom event. For inputting answers, we recommend using whatever device is easiest for you to type on.
    • Additional information about gameplay will be shared at the event.
    • The form will ask for your email address—this is only so that we can contact you about prizes. We never share your information with third parties.
  • Online Trivia
    • Each round has a separate link.
    • You can play by yourself or play as a team.
    • You can complete the rounds in whatever order you want at whatever pace you want, but please use the same name across all rounds so that we can accurately total your score.
    • You will have 25 seconds to answer each question. We recommend using whatever device you type the fastest on.
    • There are NO repeats.
    • Spelling counts—temporarily. While we can (and do) put in alternate answers for each question (e.g. Lyndon Johnson and Lyndon B. Johnson), we can't anticipate every potential misspelling or typo. However, we do go through all the answers and correct any answers that may have been incorrectly scored due to a spelling or input error. So if you put in a correct answer that is marked incorrect, don't panic—you'll receive full credit.
    • Refreshing the page will not kick you out of the game.
    • The form will ask for your email address—this is only so that we can contact you about prizes. We never share your information with third parties.
    • Trivia will be available for a designated period of time; winners will be announced by 6pm on the day that Trivia concludes. We'll post winners on this page as well as on our Facebook and Instagram (follow us: we're fun!).
    • We want to hear from you! If you have suggestions, category ideas, or other Trivia thoughts, please send Martha an email. This is a new endeavor for us, so hearing what works and what doesn't work is extremely helpful.


Upcoming Trivia Night Events

April 2021

The April Trivia Night will be an asynchronous online event offered from Friday, April 16 at 4pm through Tuesday, April 20 at 10am.

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 6
Picture Round

May 2021

The May Trivia Night will be a LIVE event on Zoom. Be sure to register to reserve your spot!

Past Trivia Night Events

February 2021

Winner: TIMS
2nd: Tri-State Goofs
3rd: Freezing

Round 1 - Name That Tune: Motown
Round 2 - Vaccines
Round 3 - Black History
Round 4 - Monster Movies
Round 5 - Fashion
Round 6 - Poetry
Picture Round - Sit Com Characters

January 2021

Winner: Rubicon Rowing Club
2nd: William Henry Harrison Ford Motor Company
3rd: Forest Bluffers

Round 1 - US Presidents
Round 2 - Jeopardy!
Round 3 - Non Major Sports
Round 4 - Famous Jewels
Round 5 - Norse Mythology
Round 6 - 100 Years Ago
Picture Round - 80s Band

November 2020

Winner: William Henry Harrison Ford Motor Company
2nd: Rubicon Rowing Club
3rd: Royal Foxy Scouts

Round 1 - World War II
Round 2 - Famous Turkeys
Round 3 - Debut Novels
Round 4 - Philosophy
Round 5 - Native American History
Round 6 - Autumnal Science
Picture Round - No Shave November

October 2020

Winner: Spooky Gummy Bears
2nd: Second to None
3rd: Fort Bluffians

Round 1 - Name That Tune: Scary Songs
Round 2 - Haunted Houses
Round 3 - Pumpkins
Round 4 - Witch, Please
Round 5 - Tricks
Round 6 - Treats
Picture Round - Horror Movie Villains

August 2020

Winner: We Bad
2nd: Treehouse
3rd: GarciawithextraFryes

Round 1 - WWII
Round 2 - Finance
Round 3 - Disney Movies
Round 4 - National Food Days in August
Round 5 - Oh Yeah, That Also Happened in 2020
Round 6 - Famous Last Words
Picture Round - Banned Books

July 2020

Winner: We Bad
2nd: Team Honey
3rd: Teddy Brosevelt

Round 1 - Hamilton
Round 2 - Plagues and Pandemics
Round 3 - Dinosaurs
Round 4 - Presidential Medal of Freedom
Round 5 - Ice Cream
Round 6 - Independence Day
Picture Round - Before They Were Famous

June 2020

Winner: We Bad
2nd: B&B
3rd: SF

Round 1 - International Cuisine
Round 2 - Movie Quotes
Round 3 - Misheard Lyrics
Round 4 - Law
Round 5 - Deja vu
Picture Round 1 - Famous Moms
Picture Round 2 - Famous Dads

May 2020

Winner: Bowling Allie
2nd: We Bad - Skokie
3rd: Will "the Hammer"

Round 1 - Illinois
Round 2 - Libraries
Round 3 - Fairy Tales
Round 4 - Standup
Round 5 - Tech Startups
Round 6 - Pseudonyms
Picture Round - TV Bosses