Take Ten


How long will it take to get my items?

A library staff member will process your Take Ten order within 3 business days, at which point you will be notified of holds on your account. You will then need to either pick up your order at the library during our public hours, or you can schedule a Curbside Pickup.

Will all the items be new to me?

Please remember that for privacy reasons the library does not have access to your previous checkout history. This means that you may have already read, watched, or listened to some of the items in your Take Ten order, and it is possible we will duplicate items from a previous Take Ten order. We hope that at least some of the items will be new and enjoyable for you.

If I’ve already read/watched/listened to some of the items, can I cancel the holds before I pick up the order? Can the librarians choose new items to replace them?

You can always cancel holds on your library account by either logging into our website with your library card barcode number or calling us at 847-234-2540. If you cancel holds for your Take Ten order, we will not be able to replace those items with new ones in the current order. You are always welcome to place a new Take Ten order to receive additional items.

What if I don’t have a Lake Bluff Library card? Can I still use Take Ten?

Take Ten is open to all patrons who have library cards registered in our system, whether the card is from Lake Bluff Library or a neighboring library. If you don’t have a card registered with us yet, visit our Get a Library Card page for more information.